Buck and The Kid

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19/07/2016 by paulinebsc

Buck’s eyes hardened as he took aim.  He knew The Kid was fast but he had never seen him draw before so Buck didn’t know how fast.  He needed to concentrate on the fight, not his opponent. He fired and The Kid fell.


‘How was that, Jake? Did I blink?’

‘No, Buck,’ Jake grinned.  Buck prided himself on his ability to shoot without blinking. A make-up person on a film in which he had been an extra twenty years ago had mentioned that Clint Eastwood never blinked when firing.  Buck had practised for a long time so that he could say the same. It was always his first question on leaving the set.


‘Nice fall, Kev.’

Kevin Jolly rubbed his left hip.

‘I’m going to have bruises,’ he groused.

‘And they’ll probably film the scene again with a stuntman anyway,’ Buck sympathised. ‘That was a neat draw, how does it work?’

Kev looked more cheerful.

‘They’ll keep that in.’

‘For sure.’

Jake concentrated on his electronic deck, reviewing the day’s filming as the two men discussed the finer points of gunplay.  To Jake this cowboy series was just, he hoped, a step up towards the high budget science fiction films. He wondered if there was any chance of Doctor Who doing another ‘cowboy’ episode, his eyes misting over at the thought.  That would suit him down to the ground. He ignored the two men until he noticed that the discussion was getting heated.  The trouble with so-called ‘method actors’ was that on-screen enmity sometimes spilled into the real world.

‘Hey guys,’ Jake said in an attempt to soothe them down. ‘What’s the problem?’

Buck and Kev tried to speak at once, stopped, paused then tried it again.  Eventually Jake managed to persuade them to talk individually.

‘This asshole reckons his draw is faster than mine,’ Kev spluttered.

‘It is!’ Buck claimed with confidence.

‘No way!’

Jake pulled them apart before either of them got hurt.  Sometimes he wondered why nobody had questioned him about his diplomatic skills before hiring him on the job.  He needed them more than his technical ones.  Angry men did not film well.

‘Break for lunch,’ he declared.


He headed for the ‘Lucky Saloon’ mess caravan.  Sadie, the costume designer was already sitting on a chair outside, Jake joined her.

‘What’re you looking so ornery about?’ she asked.

Jake liked Sadie.  She had good sense and a wicked humour which meshed with his own.

Before long he let out guffaws of laughter at her suggestion.  Jake wished he had the camera handy to get shots of Buck and Kev glaring at them.  They were doing a better job of looking mean than they had ever done on camera.


Next morning Jake handed both of his stars guns.

‘We have the cameras set with timers,’ he told them, positioning them so that they faced each other with their holsters ready.  ‘On my signal, shoot.’

He held a spare cowboy hat between them and dropped it.

Two jets of water drenched the two men as they fired the water pistols.



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