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01/07/2016 by paulinebsc

‘I’m going to be a train driver when I grow up’ Emma  told the group of eight-year-olds.

‘I’m going to be a racing driver.  World champion’ Toby chipped in.  ‘How about you, Belinda?’

‘I’m going to be famous.’

‘What as?’

‘I don’t know yet.’ Belinda breezed.  ‘A supermodel perhaps.’


Years passed.


Toby took up Go Karting and won many prizes locally before being spotted by Formula scouts.   If he hadn’t been out of three races this season with a broken leg he would have been world champion, and he was heavily tipped to make it next year.


Emma did her best to follow her dream, but in spite of many interviews for different companies was unable to find a job as a train driver, although she was an enthusiastic helper on the Spa Valley Railway, a heritage railway which was run by volunteers.  After a run of depressing jobs in call centres and offices she found a job driving trams in Croydon, which was driving vehicles on rails, so she liked to think she was close to being a train driver.


Belinda’s relentless and pushy pursuit of fame made her unpopular with the local press, but she did manage to get an unrecognisable elbow hanging onto the arm of a footballer accused of drink driving onto the national news.


The three met at a school reunion when they were all 28.   Belinda was full of sneers:

‘Not world champion yet then, Toby? No trains, Emma?’

‘I’m nearly a train driver and Toby is very close to being world champion.  How are you doing, Belinda?’ Emma taunted back.

‘You’re not famous either, are you?’ Toby mocked.


Belinda drew a gun from her handbag.

‘But I will be.’

And she was, briefly.


This was written for a short story competition – 300 words on the theme of ‘Ambition.’ (I put a few extra words before putting it on here)


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