A Mixture of 100 word stories

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27/03/2016 by paulinebsc

While the Readers’ Digest 100 word competition I was challenged to write a 100 word story (no more no less!) every day for a month.  Here is the best of the results:


Body Brace:

In spite of the padding the body brace hurt.  To make up for their thalidomide negligence doctors wanted to make John’s life more normal.  The brace allowed him to stand tall and reach things a normal boy did, and the Doctor was very pleased with it.

‘You shouldn’t have been so rude.’ His mother complained after the doctor left.

John knew that, but he wasn’t sorry.  He didn’t want to be ‘normal.’  He pulled himself along the floor on his stumpy legs after the toy car. This was how he was used to feeling, how he felt happiest.



Rain spattering on the bus window only compounds my pain.  Thirty years together and now he’s found another.  I try not to cry, but have to wipe a tear away.  It would not do to arrive at work with red eyes so I put on my music player: I didn’t know there were so many songs on there about love affairs failing.  Getting off the bus the sun shines and the walk lightens heart.  I can eat what I like tonight, read until the early hours.  I have never lived alone before; I think maybe I’ll enjoy it after all.


Spring Cleaning:

It was three o’clock in the morning when the thunderbolt thought hit Lydia. She no longer needed her disguise. It was time to break free.

First thing next day Lydia put a bin bag in the centre of her bedroom.  She started with her wardrobe. Lydia was feeling ruthless, anything more than five years old was trashed.

Drawers next: she kept two tubes of lipstick and enough other make-up in case of family get-togethers but trashed everything else.  She tossed in her brown hair dye – she was going silver.

Anti-aging cream? Lydia tossed it.  After all she was 108 now.


Too Late:

His mother’s usually gossipy e-mail filled Sean with shock.

‘Trina is getting married on Saturday at St. Denys.’ She had written.

Before he came here to work Sean and Trina had promised to stay true to each other, and that was only six months ago.  She had been all over him on his last visit home. Who was she marrying?  Why? How come?

Sean had watched ‘The Graduate’ and other films; he knew he must save her from a loveless marriage.

His plane was late, his train delayed, he couldn’t get a taxi.  The priest asked for ‘any objections’ unchallenged.



Lollipop Lady

‘Excuse me a minute ladies.’ Joan stood rushed out to stand in front of him, brandishing her lollipop.’

Henry edged forward until he was touching her white coat and leaned out of his open window.

‘Come on you silly moo! Out of the way!’ He yelled with mock ferocity.

As he drove away Joan blew him a raspberry.

‘Husband!’ she explained to the mums.

Next day Henry had a phone-call from the police.  Somebody had accused him of assault and verbal abuse to the local lollipop lady.

They explained, the police laughed.


I have changed the names to protect the innocent (and the guilty) but this is a true story which happened a few years ago to a friend of my mother.



The Cure:

The ambulance ship landed.  It had become separated from the rest of the colony fleet centuries ago.  Having been set on auto-systems the ambulance continued to search diligently for the others.

At last it found a possibility.  Its scanners revealed Earth to be as similar to their home world as a planet could be, and there were people.  It threw open its doors in welcome.

The first patient wandered in. Machinery hummed as the ambulance worked, painlessly sampling the patient. The problem was easily repaired and took seconds.  The patient brought others. Mankind never knew why bee numbers stopped declining.



A unicorn peeped round the park bushes as Brandon packed up his books.  He stared at its beauty entranced. It turned away.  As a nerd Brandon retired to the library to research the wondrous creature.  Books said they were mythical although one mentioned they would only approach a virgin.

Where was Brandon going to find a virgin in his town in this day and age? He was certain none of the girls in his class were.  Disappointed he walked back to the park.

The unicorn approached him.  Brandon laughed in delighted surprise as realisation dawned. He qualified as a virgin.


‘This is a very exciting moment for me’ the wild-life broadcaster announced in a whisper.  Until today we had no idea this creature even existed. Its camouflage is nearly perfect.  There has been a long-standing but disproved belief that a chameleon changes its colour to match its background.  This tiny lizard, however, doesn’t just change colour, it mimics the patterns of its background.  The shape of its foot allows it to move through foliage with little disturbance. We were so lucky to film it.’  He turned to his assistant. ‘Did we get it?’

‘Sorry David, it didn’t show on camera.’





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