The Ring

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18/02/2016 by paulinebsc

Jodie and Kimberley were supposed to be in the gym for a double games session.  Instead they were following the age-old British tradition among the unathletic of hiding under the gym stairs for a chat with others.  This may be a world-wide tradition too; I have no way of knowing.

Jodie fished around in her pocket and produced a ring. Kimberley gasped.

‘Is that what I think it is?’

Jodie nodded with a broad smile.

‘Well what is it?’ Jade asked.

‘An invisibility ring.’ Kimberley explained.  Our dads have been working on it together.

His science coupled with my dad’s magic.  Dad left it on the kitchen table this morning.’

‘Your dad’s a stage magician.’ Contempt rang from Jade’s voice. ‘Not a proper wizard.’

‘Uh huh’ Kimberley agreed, with no commitment.

There was silence for several minutes.  Jodie looked around the room before putting the ring on.  She disappeared.  The silence continued for a few seconds, but now it was an awed silence.

‘Wow.’ Emma’s voice was quiet with wonder.  ‘Harry Potter or what?’

‘It’s a ring, not a cloak.’ Jodie’s voice came out of thin air. She followed this with ‘Ouch’ as Jade’s prodding finger found her.

The others heard footsteps, then the door to the corridor opened on its own.  They knew Mrs. Ayling would spot them if they followed, so they stayed where they were.

‘I wonder where Jodie is off to.’ Emma asked.

‘We don’t need to guess.’ Kimberley said.  ‘Boy’s gym.  I bet we don’t see her for a while.’

A whistle sounded from the gym.  Kimberley laughed out loud.

‘I reckon she’ll be back in ten minutes.’

There was silence as all three girls wistfully contemplated what was happening in the boy’s changing rooms.

Ten long minutes later Jodie reappeared.  The corridor was beginning to fill with teenagers of both sexes as they headed towards the canteen for lunch.

Jodie was giggling with delight.

‘Sorry for being so long, I was busy.’

‘Comparing boys dongs, I bet.’ Kimberley drawled.

‘You win that bet.’ Jodie told her.  ‘Sizewise: Jacob wins, Luke is next, then Cameron.’ She giggled. ‘Ethan and Lewis are both small, and Ben is tiny.’

They pondered her words, all determined to remember the order.

‘Is your dad allowed in the Magic Circle if his magic is real?’ Jade asked Kimberley.

‘He wouldn’t use real magic on stage.  Anyway I never said he was a real magician, did I?’ Kimberley replied slyly.

They left their nattering spot unnoticed and headed for lunch.

Jade was unusually quiet at the lunch table.  She was pondering what Kimberley had said.


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