07/02/2016 by paulinebsc

  1. In an idle moment I started writing a series of tiny ‘stories’ following the following rules:Each story must contain seven words, all beginning with the letter concerned.Each story must make sense – even if it is clearly not true. (I am sure ‘E’ isn’t)No names, it makes things too easy (Angelina Andrea Andrews is nearly half the words).

    Stories need not be just one sentence.

    Spellings are English (because I am).

    Hyphenated words count as one word. (I wrote this using Microsoft word!)

    Neither words, nor forms of the same word can be repeated.  (If ‘smooth’ is one of the words then ‘smoothly’ or ‘smoother’ cannot be used.

    ‘Q’ and ‘Z’ are difficult, so the sentences make less sense.  ‘X’ defeated me completely.

    If you can make any better sentences which fits the criteria, please put them in the ‘comments’ section, I would love to read them.  If they start ‘Z’,’Q’ award yourself a pat on the back.  If ‘X’ then you can also allow yourself a tub of your favourite ice-cream.


    All animals are abominably atrocious astronauts.  Always!

    Beware beautiful bouquets.  Brides belong behind bars.

    Children’s choirs chant Christmas carols, chorusing charmingly.

    Doctors don’t discuss Diplodocuses.  Dinosaurs, deadly dull. (Should that be Diplodoci?)

    Eleven educated Elephants enlighten Euclid’s Elements excitedly.

    Fast Furious felines fought flightless fan-tails ferociously.

    Great grandma’s goldfish gloriously grew gigantic glands.

    Healthy humans have helped heavily hampered hippopotami.

    Incredible illustration is important in intelligent imagining.

    Jogging jeans judged jubilantly jolly.  Just joking.

    Keen keepers know kangaroos keep knee-capping koalas.

    Long loofahs look ludicrously like little logs.

    Mortal macho men may make magnificent masters.

    Neighbourly newts never notice notoriously naughty nestlings

    Overly outrageous old-timers often orate odd opinions.

    Plain people politely post perfectly packaged parcels.

    Questing quail quack quietly. Quaint quiz question? (Alternative for the English: Qi quiz question)

    Righteous rectors rarely read racy round robins.

    Suspicious scientists seldom steal such soft sandals.

    Thoughtful tale tellers traditionally talk terribly truthfully.

    Unfortunately ugly uncles urgently untie used underwear.

    Very vicious vicars vainly vacate voracious volcanos.

    Wet walruses won’t wake wonderfully well-groomed warthogs.

    There aren’t enough ‘X’ words which aren’t nouns.

    Yesterday youthful Yuma youngsters yelled ‘Yeah’ yearningly.

    Zounds! Zookeepers zoomed zealousy. Zebras zipped Zestily.


One thought on “A-Z

  1. Well done. I’m impressed with your efforts. That is indeed a difficult taste and I suspect ‘X’ is impossible


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