Magical Seduction


06/07/2015 by paulinebsc

Care: This story contains a sex scene and two swear words (one of them mild).

Friderich looked at the CCTV tapes very carefully. When your job is to protect the pupils at a girls’ boarding school, hearing a male voice is never a good sign.  The school had CCTV everywhere except in the bedrooms.  The voice had come from somewhere near Zoë Tucker’s room.  The CCTV feed from the corridor showed no movement at all in the last few hours, and any movement outside would trigger an alarm automatically. Frederich checked the outside cameras close to Zoë’s room, but there was no sign of movement.

‘I’m going to walk the corridors for a bit’ Friderich told his fellow guard. It never hurt to be sure.

‘Okay Fred. I’ll keep watch.’  Carl slid into Friderich’s seat.

Friderich left the security booth and walked up the grand central staircase of the building to the pupil’s bedroom corridors. They were as quiet and peaceful as they ever where with the usual snores and coughs and a few other noises in the rooms of the older girls, who could be as old as twenty.  Friderich smiled to himself.  He wished he had known, alone in his bed at that age that girls somewhere were doing much the same thing.  He listened hard outside Zoë’s room, but all he heard was a faint pop.  He guessed he had imagined the voice, and continued his patrol.


A minute earlier:

‘How was that, Zoë?’ Charles asked, seductively.

Zoë arched her back and grinned widely.

‘Mm.  I just love the way you kiss me.’

Charles returned the grin, hiding his own frustration, and bent down to nibble on her breast.

‘Shit!’ Zoë swore, staring into her mirror.

‘Charles, you’ve got to go!’ She took her wand and with a ‘pop’ she was instantly alone.  As an afterthought she cleared the image of the next corridor from her mirror.  Magical CCTV was a simple spell, and had proved useful many times when Zoë was up to mischief, especially of late when she had started conjuring men into her room.  She thought of Charles as she curled up ready for sleep.  He was the nicest she had made so far.  Somehow he felt more like a person than a magical construct, her magic must be improving.


Japheth laughed as Charles appeared before him, naked.

‘Perhaps you had better make yourself more comfortable, before you explode’ he said after a quick glance at Charles’ groin area.

‘Bloody teenagers! Zap you in, zap you out, never mind MY feelings in all this.’ Charles’ voice showed his indignation.

Japheth waved his want idly. ‘Language, Charles.  Maybe I should punish you.’

‘No, Sir, please.’ Charles knew better than to anger Japheth.  He hurried to his bedroom, his hands clasped in front of his balls, protectively.  He knew that his hands were no barrier to an angry wizard, but there was nothing else he could do.


‘Well how was it?’

Much later the two men were relaxing. Japheth had a brandy snifter in front of him, Charles a tankard of his own questionable home brew.

‘Okay, I suppose.’ Charles replied, with little enthusiasm. ‘Teenage stuff, lots of sweet-talking and touching, I was just getting close when she saw a security guard and … Abracadbra, I was back here.’

‘Too bad.  I had hoped for more this time.’

‘So had I.  Never mind your grand schemes, that girl is frustrating the Hell out of me.’

Charles yelped as he felt a twinge of pain below his belly button.

‘I warned you about your language. Next time it’ll be lower.’ Japheth told him calmly watching fear sweep into Charles’ eyes. Japheth’s calm anger was worse than many men’s ranting rage.  For a moment Charles wondered why he let himself be used like this until he looked at Japheth’s face and remembered. Although Japheth looked in his early fifties, his eyes were older.  Nobody knew how old Japheth really was.  Wizards over a thousand years old only knew him as a grown man.  Perhaps the rumours about him being Noah’s son were justified.   Charles’ father was powerful; Charles wanted to surpass his father so he needed a powerful teacher.  This wasn’t, however, the main reason for Charles obedience.  He rarely admitted it even to himself, but Charles loved having Japheth as his master, and would do anything he demanded, however painful or demeaning. Trying to seduce a young witch was an easy request.


The girls went to bed at ten.  Charles and Japheth were ready.  Charles was pleased that Japheth had let him conjure up the white Chroonat ball to alerti them when Zoë tried to conjure up a man to ease her frustrations.  He had watched Japheth produce the ball several times, and knew that he had it right.

‘Nice job.’ Charles rejoiced at the words. It was the closest Japheth had ever come to praising him.

‘Won’t be long now.’ Japheth was looking at something on his lap, although Charles could see nothing there.  Suspicion fell into his mind.

‘You’ve been watching her.’ He accused.

Japheth looked at him with no apology:

‘Of course I have.  How do you think I knew what she was conjuring up, and got you in there?’

Charles looked at him.

‘You watched me there too?’

‘Why not?’

Charles had so many answers to that question, but they were based on modern conventions about privacy which would mean nothing to Japheth’s ancient brain.  He held his peace.


The Chroonat ball turned green.  With one zap from Japheth’s wand Charles was naked and lying in Zoë’s bed.  Acting out the script he had planned with Japheth, Charles kissed her, feeling her enthusiastic response making him rise.  The kiss deepened and he lifted her nightdress to fondle her boobs, managing to ‘accidentally’ push her panties down a little with magical help.  He pushed himself against her pelvis, letting her feel his hard size.

Zoë looked straight into his eyes.

‘Go on, put it in me’ her whisper pleaded.

Charles faked his response:

‘I haven’t got any protection.’

‘Don’t be silly.  You’re magic, you can’t infect me with anything’

Charles was glad that he had thought to magic up his own protection.  She wouldn’t get pregnant, and he was free of disease.


Charles tried to take it slow, but Zoë’s magic prod was increasing his already rampant excitement.

She grimaced as he met the obstruction, and he paused, acting ‘concerned boyfriend.’

‘Are you sure you want me to go on?’

‘Yes! Don’t you dare stop.’

Affected by the extra ‘zap’ she exerted on him, and his own desires Charles thrust deeply.

He had expected Japheth to pull him back as soon as Zoë lost her virginity, but instead he was allowed to finish, and it wasn’t until Zoë clung to him with a whispered ‘thanks’ that he found himself back in Japheth’s castle.

‘Job done!  But I guess you already knew that.’

Japheth ignored the sarcasm in Charles’ voice.

‘Well done.  The unicorns will pay us handsomely for that.’

The strong praise went straight to Charles’ heart and he smiled at Japheth.

‘Thank you, Master’ he called over his shoulder as he headed to his room to get dressed.


Sitting in front of his master at dinner that night, Charles thought about Japheth’s earlier statement.

‘Can I ask a question, Master?’

‘It’s the only way you’ll learn.  Go ahead.’

‘Why did you want me to seduce Zoë?  Why do unicorns have an interest?’

‘You know that unicorns can only be trapped by a virgin.’

‘Yeah, everyone knows that.’

‘Well the Zoo of Magical Creatures wants to capture a unicorn and cage it.’

‘And if caged it will die of a broken heart, missing its freedom and the woman it loved.’

‘That’s it.’

‘Zoë’s father works for the zoo, and planned to use Zoë as the bait.’

Charles laughed ‘I don’t feel so bad now about using Zoë.  Her father won’t be happy.’

Japheth nodded his head.

‘I imagine Zoë will be unhappy when you don’t appear tomorrow, and she only gets a teenage fantasy.’ He looked pensively at Charles.  Being an only child, Charles had never been teased much, Japheth enjoyed his reaction.

‘Oh no! No way! Please don’t make me do that.’

Japheth twiddled his wand slightly, pleased with his trainee’s resistance.  It was about time Charles stood up for himself.  He worked a surreptitious truth spell.

‘Charles, what do you really want?’

Charles found himself compelled to answer honestly.

‘I want you, Master’

Japheth rose from his seat, and stood close to his pupil.  He had always acted coldly towards Charles to hide his own attraction.  Now there was no need.

‘Kiss me.’

With that kiss their whole relationship changed.  Japheth become less stern, Charles became less scared and Japheth never, ever, ever sent Charles away on missions involving sex.  He kept him home for that.


2 thoughts on “Magical Seduction

  1. Niki says:

    Unusual subject matter but I enjoyed reading it – Harry Potter was never like this!!


  2. paulinebsc says:

    You’re right. Believe it or not I didn’t see the ‘Harry Potter’ connection until after I posted it. It was meant to be one witch in a normal school, although it works just as well if set in a more adult Hogwarts.


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