What Imagination can do – 4 word challenge


18/06/2015 by paulinebsc

What Imagination can do.

‘I’m the king of the castle’ Robbie shouted, climbing one of the piles of earth surrounding the car park.’
‘ Robbie, get down’ his mother called without lifting her head from the shopping trolley she was unloading. ‘If you behave yourself we’ll go to the park when we get home.’
Four year old Robbie walked up to her, carrying the model of Buzz Lightyear which went everywhere with him.
‘To infinity and beyond’ he shouted as he ‘flew’ the toy into the car and followed behind it.

‘Why can’t we fly?’
Robbie had reached the age when ‘Why?’ had supplanted ‘No’ as his favourite word.
‘’Cause we haven’t got wings’ Megan answered, pulling escaping hair into her ponytail and retying it.
‘Nor has Buzz Lightyear’ came the reply ‘and he can fly easily.’
‘He’s a toy, he isn’t real. Real people can’t fly’
‘They can if they are in space.’
Megan wondered how he knew about astronauts. He must have been watching something at the weekend with his father.

Later Robbie solemnly helped her put the shopping away. She had learnt from experience and avoided letting him handle anything breakable, but he was getting good at this now. She smiled as she watched him stagger towards the bathroom holding a pack of toilet rolls nearly as big as he was. She noticed his belt was loose and his trousers were slipping. She hurried after him to re-buckle it.

‘Have I been good?’
‘Yeah Robbie, You were a big help with the shopping’
‘Can we go to the park? You said.’
Megan fought back a sigh; she had forgotten about saying that. But she was a mother who believed any promise made to a kid should be fulfilled, whether the promise was for reward or punishment, so she gave up her dream of a nice cup of coffee for a while longer. He had been good enough to deserve the treat.

Bigger children were at school, so Megan and Robbie had the park to themselves. Megan sat on a bench and watched Robbie as he worked his way around the playground equipment, going on each one in turn, Buzz Lightyear ‘flying’ in front of him.
With a reflex known to every mother, she looked up when the playground fell silent, wondering what he was up to. Robbie sat on the swing for a minute, not going up in the air, just rocking gently backwards and forwards with a look of intense concentration on his face.

Wondering what he was looking at, Megan followed his gaze. She blinked rapidly a few times as Buzz Lightyear hovered in the air in front of Robbie then flew across the park. Robbie looked at her for a minute before following his toy.
‘See mum, people can fly’ he called down to her.

Part of the Four Word Challenge: Pick four totally random words and write a story incorporating the words.

The words for this one were: King, Swing, Car Park and Belt.


One thought on “What Imagination can do – 4 word challenge

  1. Dave says:

    Excellent story – hope Robbie was OK when he landed!


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